Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement techniques

The idea that you can make your penis larger is clearly one that interests many men, and though it seems unlikely, as a comprehensive site on the penis, we should look at at the subject. Can you really make it bigger? According to the websites which cover this subject, there are several methods by which you might obtain an increase in length or girth:

1 By using some kind of exercise system which stretches the penis

2 By using heavy weights or devices designed to stretch the tissues

3 By using a penis pump

4 By having surgery to change the structure and size of the penis

An exercise system which stretches the penis

All of the websites devoted to manual enlargement techniques basically describe the same set of exercises. The idea on which they are based is that the inside of the penis contains three cavities which fill with blood when it gets erect. The stretching exercises (sometimes called "Jelqing") are supposed to work by continually stretching and expanding these chambers by forcing blood along their length with a manual milking action.

This constant stretching makes the tissues grow, which leads to a bigger erection. The idea of the stretching and milking action is a simple one, and there is no doubt that some parts of the body will grow if they are stretched in this way. But  there is no independent proof that these techniques work on the penis. If you're interested in them, you have to decide for yourself whether you believe the claims.

So, is there any risk in these techniques? I don't think so, unless you go at them so fiercely that you damage the internal tissue of the penis. If you do that you may find you develop Peyronie's disease, one of the causes of which is damage to the internal cavities of the penis, where a wound to the lining of the corpus spongiosum begins to bleed and heals with scar tissue.

Usually such injuries are caused by traumatic bending or blows to the penis during sexual activity, but I suspect that excessive manual stimulation can cause the same sort of injury. When scar tissue forms along one side of the damaged internal penis cavity and not the other, the scarred cavity wall of the penis shortens, and the penis develops a bend, which can be severely disfiguring and prevent sex taking place at all.

You can see a picture of this on the Peyronie's disease page of this web-site. You definitely shouldn't try enlargement if you've ever damaged your penis, or if you have any narrowing of the penis, internal pain or discomfort. 

Those notes of caution accepted, I think you'll be safe with jelqing. I certainly wouldn't recommend the more dangerous methods of enlargement described below, so if you feel you want to have a go at penis enlargement, my advice is to use jelqing. You can get more information on by looking at the company which I feature at the top of the page. They offer a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.

Heavy weights or devices designed to stretch the tissues

I think the penis is too valuable and precious an asset to be messed around with by attaching it to mechanical devices and stretchers. There are several such devices on the market, which work in different ways - some are heavy weights which fasten around the penis, others are framework devices which literally put the organ under tension and stretch it.

Even though I think this is dangerous, I haven't been able to find any evidence that penile  injuries have ever occurred. But that doesn't prove these methods are safe, of course. I simply think anyone who mechanically manipulates their own (normal) penis, no matter how small the risk of injury, is taking a chance that simply isn't worth it.

Even so I know that there will be some of you out there who still want to know if these methods work. Does putting your dick in a metal frame that has screw-extenders on the side, so that you can stretch it more and more, actually lengthen your manhood? Does suspending a weight of several pounds, tailored to fit, on the end of your penis for several hours a day actually make you a bigger man in any sense? Unfortunately I just don't know. But I think it unlikely. 

The penis vacuum pump

Well, the penis relies on blood flow into it, so if the blood flow can be stimulated it seems likely that there will be an increase in penis volume. Penis pumps work on this principle. The penis is tucked into an acrylic cylinder with a tightly fitting cuff placed around the base which allows for the maintenance of a seal. The air in the cylinder is then extracted with a mechanical or electric vacuum pump, and the penis swells to fill the resulting vacuum. The pumps certainly can increase blood flow, at least temporarily, but, excessive vacuum pressure can lead to hemorrhage and serious injury. Moreover, the increase in size which results from the application of the vacuum to the penis is never permanent.

I think that consistent pumping (which means every other day for months if not years) results in some increase in erection size, which to some degree will be maintained once the penis is removed from the pump, but when a man stops pumping regularly, his penis rapidly reverts back to its original erection size. In fairness, the expansion of the erectile tissue is rapidly regained if the pumping is resumed. But you don't get a permanent increase in size.

Now, what might go wrong? Here are two extracts from a pumping forum which make interesting reading.

I gave it [a vacuum pump] a try today and...MY COCK HURTS LIKE HELL!!! There is no pressure gauge so I assume you just use your mouth and a pinch clamp (is this right???)... Why am I SO DEFORMED and in such pain now??? My questions are these... 1.) If one were to do it this do you know how much pressure is correct or not? 2.)How long should one spend "in the tube"? 3.)Should one VERY liberally apply lubrication? If so why? 4.)How do I avoid EVER hurting myself like this again...without buying anything extra? Now, I noticed a definite increase in overall size (esp. girth) but at the same time I look really "wrong". I have a total ballooning around the head and esp. just below the glans that is huge-nearly numb and VERY painful and unattractive!!! Also I am experiencing the most pain just behind where my circumcision scar is. That area is VERY red and tender to the touch and the whole cock looks like a really creepy balloon animal...puffing out in all variety of strange places and hurting almost everywhere. It esp. hurts just behind the circumcision scar because the area from my base out is puffed up and pushing towards the head and causing a crease just behind my scar region. It's like my cock is in 2 separate and painful and tender from the base and terminating in a deep crease near the scar AND HUGE and ballooned around the head!!! Is this normal (I hope not...) or what? What do I do from now on to avoid this from happening??? Are there any veteran pumpers here who can lend a curious newbie their expertise and experience with accidents like this one...PLEASE??? Someone please give me a regimen to follow and a list of do's and don'ts!!! Any help will be truly appreciated AND followed. I promise. Scared and in agony...

A few months ago I over-pumped and got a couple of blisters on my cock head. When it healed the skin was very thin and is still thin so when I pump although I don't get blisters because I lower the pressure, some part of the skin on my head seems to dry and it comes away in a big flake or too...... has anyone any ideas as to what is the problem and how I can fix this... thanks in advance guys!

And, last and very definitely least, surgery

Penis lengthening surgery was developed from a treatment used for boys born with a very small penis (a micropenis). It involves cutting the suspensory ligament which supports the penis and allowing the part of the organ which is held inside the body to drop down, thereby creating the illusion of lengthening. Some of the early surgical practitioners of this method seem to have made a right mess of things. They made large cuts in the skin and tissue over the pubic bone to get at the suspensory ligament, and then failed to follow up on the need for the post-operative patient to keep stretching his penis to prevent the ligament healing even shorter than it was before the operation. This post-operative stretching seems to be absolutely essential, and without it the apparent gains in penile length are often lost.

The other early enlargement technique was designed to produce an increase in penile girth through the injection of the patient's own fat cells, extracted by liposuction from areas of fatty tissue on the trunk of the body, into the space between the skin and the erectile tissue of the penis along the length of the shaft. This was always a practice doomed to failure, because fat cells are very fragile, and only about ten percent will actually survive the extraction. And even the small amount of fat which did survive was often reabsorbed, resulting in a penis with a lumpy, bumpy, uneven appearance.

In recent times, other surgeons have developed techniques for surgical enhancement which overcome these problems to some degree. Nowadays the suspensory ligament is stretched after surgery to prevent it shortening. But the less acceptable side of this surgery has always been that once the suspensory ligament is cut, the angle of a man's erection will be much lower than before. Indeed, some doctors suggest that your penis will never stand up again, that it will always dangle to the floor, even when fully erect. However, there is at least one surgeon who claims it is possible to reconstruct the suspensory ligament so that the angle of the erection is unchanged. I wouldn't take the chance!

And fat cell injection into the penile shaft has been replaced by a more modern technique known as a dermal graft, which involves the removal of strips of fatty tissue from the buttock cleft at the top of the leg, and the insertion of this tissue under the skin of the penis. This seems to give much better results which are much more stable over time.

There is a very detailed piece of work on the subject of penile enlargement surgery available on the Internet in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality.

This work also includes detailed photos of the operation. Some of the points in the article are worth mentioning. First, the dermal fat grafts may transform into scar tissue and lose some of their bulk in the months after the operation. Second, while flaccid circumference and length may be increased significantly by the operation, erect penile length does not increase very much. In this study the average increase in erect length was from 5.4 inches to 5.7 inches. Third, the operation did not actually seem to fulfill the hopes of increased erection size for most of the men who were asked. Their expectations were for a penis of about 8 inches, but their actual erect length was 5.7 inches after the operation. In fairness, however, they were much happier about their perceptions of their flaccid size, with only 14% after the operation saying that they felt they were smaller than average (compared to 75% before the operation).

Many of the participants felt that their expectations had not been fulfilled, although they were in fact well inside the range of normal averages. You might say that the men - or at least some of them - in this survey would have been better off getting some psychotherapy to help them come to terms with their poor body image. However, they may have needed psychotherapy more after the operation than before it, because there was a high level of dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of their post-operative penises; they disliked the scarring, the angle of their erect penises, the uneven appearance of fatty tissue under the penile skin, the softness of the fatty tissue compared to the underlying hardness of the erect penis, and so on.

Many of the patients delayed the resumption of sex or masturbation for rather longer than their doctors suggested (the average time till masturbation resumed, for example, was about 2.4 months). Although a connection with the patients' dissatisfaction with their penis appearance is not explicitly made in the article, I can't help wondering if there is a connection. If not, then the cause may simply be the post-operative pain, which also seems to have been greater than the patients' doctors implied before the operation.

The last point which I think need to be mentioned is that the patients' satisfaction with sex was lower after the operation than before it. Finally, 50% of these men said they would not have the operation if they could start over again. I think it is safe to say that this article is essential reading for anyone thinking of surgery to enlarge their penis.

Penile modification

I would like to direct you to an article on Body Art and modification, which is a superb introduction to the subject. You can find it at this location.

If you would like to see some photographs of the kind of things people do with their penises (and bodies in general) have a look at the BME ezine. It's an interesting introduction to the art of male body piercing. There are some frank, perhaps even shocking images. Don't go if you're easily offended. And don't say you weren't warned!

Presumably some of the motivation for body modification is an erotic thrill, or greater sensation during sex. If you want to know more about issues of how sexual arousal can affect a man's ejaculatory capacity, check out this site.

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