How to put a condom on your penis

How to put a condom on your penis

If you're having sex with a new partner, or if your or your partner may have been exposed to a potential source of infection, or if you aren't yet sure of a new partner's sexual history, you might wish to use a condom. If so, here's the way to put a condom on your penis.

Whether you're using an extra strength condom for anal sex, or a thinner one for vaginal sex, the method is the same. You start by taking the condom out of its packet, being careful not to tear it with your sharp fingernails.

Of course you'll also have been careful not to store the condom near any heat (like in the glove compartment of your car in summer, for example!) so it will undoubtedly be in perfect condition, and there'll still be some time to elapse before the best before date, so it won't have decayed in its wrapper.

Warning: if a condom is well past its sell by date, you may get it on your penis, but it may tear during use and come out of her vagina torn and ripped. That is never a good moment, let me tell you.

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How to put a condom on your penis

These days condoms tend to be rolled flat, which makes them easier to get on. But you'll still need to look at it to find out which way it's going to unroll over your penis.

Once you've established which way the condom will unroll, grasp the teat (which catches the semen when you ejaculate) between the tips of your finger and thumb.

 If you do this, you'll stop air getting into the tip when you roll the condom down over your erect penis, which will make it a lot less likely to come off or leak when you're having sex.

There's nothing more dispiriting in the aftermath of your orgasm than finding that your condom is somewhere deep in the depths of your partner's vagina, oozing semen into her as you frantically fish around inside her trying to remove it.

Place the top of the condom over the top of your penis while still gently squeezing the tip to ensure that no air gets into it until the condom is unrolled all the way down your penile shaft. Then unroll the latex down over your penis with a rolling motion - a good way to do this is to encircle your penis with your finger and thumb and roll the condom down your shaft.

Most condoms will be too long to unroll completely unless you have an exceedingly long penis, so you will have a ring of unrolled condom at the base. This should be located as near your body as possible, otherwise if it gets into your partner's vagina, it will most likely catch inside her as you thrust and this can pull the condom off. (Continued below the video.)

Video: How To Put On A Condom



Use some water based lube inside the condom - if the condom is a proper fit on your penis it will not come off, and the lube makes thrusting more enjoyable (this is true even if the condom is already lubricated).

You can put a little lube in the tip of the condom so that your glans is well lubed as it moves inside the latex. A little lube on the outside of the condom may be helpful too, especially if your partner tends to be a little dry in her vagina.

The best way to discover what suits you as a couple is to experiment until you find the best combination of condom and lube.

If you have a foreskin, pull it back before you put on the condom.

Once you have it on, you can push your skin forward again - this gives the foreskin a little extra looseness in the condom, so it can move naturally as it would during intercourse without any protection.

It's appropriate here to say a word about condom size. Generally speaking, most standard condoms fit most penises.

The exceptions are very large condoms, which you don't want to have on a small or average sized penis because they just won't stay on as you make love, or the smaller condoms, which will be very uncomfortable for a man with an average to large penis.

If you have a thick shaft, you can get a larger diameter condom, and if you have a longer organ you can get a longer condom.

Similarly, if you have a smaller penis, you may want a snugger fit condom. Other than this, most of the variations in condom size are more about comfort than fit.

You may not like a condom which grips you tightly around the glans, for example, so you could try a looser fit one (see the main condom page for details of that is available). Similarly, if your penis tapers towards the end, you may want a condom that is shaped so it hugs your cock as you make love.

The next step is to enjoy sex! After you've ejaculated, you should hold the ring of the condom around the base of your penis and then pull out of your partner before your dick goes soft - this will prevent the semen leaking out before you have it well away from her vagina.

Used properly, condoms are at least as successful as any other form of birth control. The problems arise when you mess up the simple steps above - like, for example, unrolling it the wrong way and then trying to get it over your penis once it's unrolled, or not bringing it all the way down to the base of your penis, or not withdrawing from your partner soon after you have ejaculated.

What if you lose your erection?

This certainly does seem to happen a lot. It's probably because putting on a condom seems quite unsexy, or it interrupts the flow of lovemaking.

Some men, however, find it very arousing because they know it means they'll be inside their partner in pretty short order!

If you can come to associate the act of putting on the condom with making love, then you are likely to stay erect while you do it.

Another possibility is to have your lover put the condom on you - after all, what could be sexier than having your partner roll a condom down your erect penis while you anticipate entering her shortly afterwards?

If this doesn't work, then there is another way to deal the problem. You can enjoy an arousing moment or two of oral sex as you get your partner to put the condom on with her mouth.

Obviously she's gong to have to be careful not to tear it, but this can be very arousing, and an ideal answer to the loss of erection problem.

Don't try this with any condom which has a spermicide - it tastes awful.

Enjoy your lovemaking!

Partner showing how to put on a condom with her fingers

She holds the condom over his glans and squeezes the end to prevent any air getting in. She then uses her other hand to unroll the condom over the length of his penis, making sure it goes all the way down to the base of his penile shaft. 

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Partner putting on a condom with her mouth

She holds the condom in her mouth then places the end over the tip of his glans. She moves her mouth down the shaft of his penis while unrolling the condom with her fingers. She can use her fingers to bring the condom all the way to the base of his penile shaft while she pleasures him penis with her mouth. This should prevent the loss of his erection.

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