Manifestation & The Law of Attraction

Iím old enough and wise enough to know that there are many ways to get what you want in life.

But most people think that getting what they want is probably always going to be a struggle Ė which probably also accounts for the fact that most people donít have what they want!

And the acolytes amongst us Ė acolytes of people like Rhonda Byrne and Napoleon Hill, gurus of self-improvement and wish fulfillment Ė will also know that another fundamental reason why people donít have what they want is because they simply donít have any idea what they want .

Regrettably itís human nature to be dissatisfied, to feel that you have a complaint against the world because itís a struggle to be happy, or a struggle to have what you want, or a struggle to be in a good relationship, or a struggle to have a great sex life.

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Or, more mundanely, men can easily believe itís unfair that their penis is small, or that they donít have a very masculine body, or that they havenít made love to 27 great looking womenÖ

Such is life. It's the way it is. Now, how well do you cope with such disappointments?



Why don't I know what I want?

Yes, you take my point? Dissatisfaction is the order of the day. The belief that life is a struggle is commonplace. Most people donít have what they want. Many people donít know what they want, perhaps the majority.

But itís easier to complain about it than it is to go out and do something that would bring those things into your life.

Are you a person, for example, who complains that he ejaculates too soon during sex, and who knows that this brings no pleasure to his partner, but who does nothing about it?

How do you justify that to yourself? Do you justify it by saying that life is too difficult Ė or more specifically that controlling your ejaculation is too difficult?

Would it be reasonable to conclude from that, do you think, that youíre therefore not very interested in having better sex or pleasing your partner?

Sure, that conclusion is obvious Ė it has to be true or you would be doing something about your sexual performance so as to improve it. So perhaps you do know what you want: you want things to carry on in the same way that they are at the moment. Unsatisfactorily.

But I have no doubt that that wonít stop you moaning about the way things are, and complaining to anyone who will listen about how unfairly youíre being treated (though, if youíre complaining about premature ejaculation, youíre probably only complaining to yourself mentallyÖ And still doing nothing about it.)

Bring on The Law Of Attraction and its relationship to sexuality


Forgive my cynical diatribe. But what Iíve observed over the years is that people who say that they want to improve their sex life very rarely do.

Men who claim they want to have great sex "in the next year" rarely achieve it.

Men who want to control premature ejaculation very rarely do anything about it that makes a difference.

Women who complain about the relationship they're in very rarely leave it.

In psychological terms it seems that each and every one of us has to be pushed to the absolute limit of our tolerance Ė and boy, is that tolerance extensible or what? Ė before we will do anything to improve our situation.

Why should such a situation exist? One reason is the one Iíve already mentioned: very few people really know what they want. But as a more fundamental and sinister reason for this behavior is simply that a lot of people donít have a sense of where their boundaries actually lie. They donít know whatís acceptable and unacceptable behavior towards them from other people.

Incredible though this may sound, it all points to the fact that we are an emotionally illiterate species. Yet we have a connection to divine sexual energy should we choose to use it. We have the capacity to manifest anything..... should we choose...

I think the evidence of our inherent stupidity is profound and all around us Ė would we be behaving in the way we are towards planet Earth if we were an emotionally intelligent species with a good insight into the damage that we are doing to ourselves and to each other? I think not.

Now what I want to offer you a something different: itís a way to take control of your destiny. A way to make the decision that youíre finally going to take control of your life, and that you ARE going to change matters for the better .

Does that sound like an appealing idea? Of course it does. Youíd be a fool not to do that if the opportunity was available to you..... surely? Well, the good news is that the Law of Attraction offers you a very realistic and practical way to actually change the situation in which you find yourself.

The Law of Attraction is a psychological process by which you can contact the universal intelligence Ė or the cosmic consciousness - and order it to give you whatever it is that you want in life.

I sure expect your ears perked up at that! But the truth is, of course, that you are rarely going to get something for very little effort. Generally you have to put as much energy in as you expect  to come back at you in the form of whatever it is that youíre trying to achieve.

In the process of manifestation the energy that you have to put in is passionate desire, enthusiasm, gratitude Ė all of those good juicy emotions (and more) can genuinely bring about change.

And in response, given enough of these energies, the universe will give you precisely what you want: a better sex life, control of premature ejaculation, better orgasms, a wonderful relationship.

The problem (or opportunity) is that making this happen is down to you. So how ready are you to take responsibility for your life? How ready are you to take charge of your life so that you can have whatever you want? Over to you.