Young Men and Penis Size


The question arises in the forums - when did you first realize your penis was smaller than normal? The answers come in.....

1) I first realized my penis was small when I was 17. A girl I was dating laughed at me when she saw my penis. She said "Well, sorry, I just don't think this is going to work out," and then she went. Needless to say, almost everyone at my High School found out about it pretty damn quick, which added to my very considerable embarrassment. I thought my dick was small but that confirmed it. Worse, my dick has failed to grow since then, though the thing is I don't have a big problem with my length - it's my girth which is a problem, at only 4", it makes me feel like a definition of "Pencil Dick".

2) I didn't realize my penis was in the smaller size group until I was in my 20's. I simply had nothing to compare with while I was growing up, because I never played sports and never saw any other boys in the changing rooms. There were times in my early married life when I suspected I was smaller, because I had trouble keeping a condom on my cock, and I often had to check to see if it was still on. Then once my wife and I posed naked for some pictures, and when I saw my cock I remember thinking how small it seemed compared to my body.

3) I was 14, during the usual summer camp. Of course I had to take a shower with the other boys and then I realized my penis was very small and that I was probably having a late puberty...and even though that started later, my penis has always remained small.

4) For me, it was when I was 12-13 year sold. Of course the lads at school began talking about penis size, sex and so on, and then we began showering together as a hockey team - most of the boys were fully developed with large penises at 13 which didn't help my self-esteem. I didn't even have any pubic hair while some of these guys were six inches long flaccid. Needless to say I felt tiny.

5) Like most boys it was at the start of high school (age 12/13) when showers were made compulsory after gym, which was like torture for me. However, at first, I didn't mind having a noticeably smaller penis than average because first of all I had lots of pubic hair (unlike many of the guys) and second I had a normal looking circumcised cock, while I thought a lot of the other guys' cocks looked unusual.

Also, my father took me swimming naked when I was nine at the YMCA - after swimming naked with fully grown men, high school showers were dead easy! In any case, I don't think I noticed penis size differences at age 9, because a dick was simply something you used for peeing.

At high school, I became more aware of penile differences as I got older but my concern about my own situation became less when I saw some muscular dudes had small penises. The truth is, gym day was my favorite school day!

6) It was as recent as this year - a girl I was dating said she was going to a sex toy party, to look at (and buy) dildos and sex toys. She then kindly told me any dildo had to be larger than my penis so it would rub her G-spot! Then she told me her last two male friends were very well-endowed, complete with large glans, which apparently is important for her because it stimulates her G-spot and brings her to orgasm.

Of course, it makes no difference to me - I suffer from premature ejaculation during sex whatever the size of a woman's pussy! Lastly she told me my penile length and the size of the glans on my penis were not enough for her. She said she wanted at least 6 inches. Needless to say, we're not dating anymore!

7) I realized my penis was small when I was 13 years old. Showering with 4 of my classmates, I saw I was the smallest - in fact, the biggest was more than twice as long as me when soft. I'd say I was one and a half inches and he was three inches long. 

8) In junior high I was surprised to see guys in my class with what I saw as huge penises and lots of pubic hair. But even though my puberty was late, my penis still grew to almost six inches, but even then I didn't think it was very big. This is because it is very thin, with a small glans.

9) I read about the (in my opinion) myth that normal penises are six inches long erect, and was shocked to find that I barely reached four and a half. But it only became an issue when several unrelated things happened. I was on vacation on a Greek island and ended up in bed with a German girl. When she saw me naked and flaccid, she observed, "oh golly, that's tiny!"

She said this casually, not cruelly, and we carried on dating afterwards. But then there were several times when I thought I was going to get into bed only to find that my prospective partners often found some reason to leave before sex took place, and though at the time I thought it was bad luck, I understand now that I was being sized up and my penis was found wanting. Strangely, I now find this quite a turn on!

10) When I was almost 20 years old I decided to see a prostitute to lose my virginity, since I figured there wouldn't be any pressure. So when this woman’s ass is facing me, I put my dick in here and realized I had walked into a trap. I could barely sense her pussy round my cock and felt I had no significance inside her, or to her, or to women in general. My penis is about 5 inches long and 4.5 around.

The incredible weakness I felt attempting to fuck her obsesses me. Even if she was looser than average, I will never be able to confirm this because I have never had (nor do I ever plan to have) any kind of sexual relations with a woman (or man) again.

11) I realized my penis was small at 15 when my underpants were pulled down during football practice. One of the lads on the team who was and still is a complete prick tried to make into the school joke. And yes, I noticed after this that girls seemed to lose interest in dating me. I'm now aged 30 and my penis is only 3 inches erect. I don't have much of a life and I have only had intercourse once, with a prostitute a few years ago.

12) The first perception I might be less than well-hung was when I was in seventh grade, and standing next to a guy who seemed HUGE. Though time's probably embellished my recall, I think he used both hands just to pee! But I thought, well, he's older and that's how older guys, for a long time, I didn't give it any thought. Bad mistake! Soon after when I got into high school I decided to play football.

 Even then, though I was on the small side, nothing in the locker room made me think I had anything to worry about. A couple of guys were very well-endowed, but very much the exception....most flaccid cocks seemed to me only an inch or so different in length, and fairly uniform in circumference.  And then, unexpectedly, my self-esteem was destroyed.....and my outlook on women and relationships ruined.

My friends and I (male and female alike) used to hang out and play all sorts of stripping naked games. This seemed like a bit of fun where we all got naked and it never came to sex. It was just very liberating to be in a roomful of men and women who were all naked. Even then, I didn't see much difference in penis sizes - except for a guy who had an amazing schlong! But, guess what?

One woman saw it differently....and told everyone in the group that my dick looked really tiny. All the guys and gals laughed at what she said. The truth is, even if I was one of the smallest guys in the room there were plenty of other guys who were about the same size, and one certainly had a smaller penis than me.

Nonetheless, psychologically this ruined me, and for a full ten years, every problem I ever had in relationships or sex I pinned on my dick size. And get this: no woman has ever said anything bad about it or my sexual performance! The fact is, the psychological effects of this comment have lasted to this day, even though I am now married (since 1996) and my beloved has not even once commented on my cock size.

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It makes me wonder how one insensitive comment can screw us men up. Even though I know I am actually of average size, because of my insecurities, I look at my penis all the time and I perceive nothing but a small dick. That makes me want a bigger one, even though I have never had the slightest problem with my penis. This strikes me as madness!

There again, perhaps porn has been a big part of the problem. We've all seen it, and it's inevitable that both male and female expectations are shaped by porn where every guy is well-hung. Does this make us think such huge cocks must be normal? I can't be the only man with this fact, a lot of men seem to be shy or wounded to the extent that they have never been involved with a partner of either sex, and some don't even try to have a relationship because sex rears its head.

13) I relate to this....when I was 13, a "friend" who was huge made an embarrassing comment about the very small size of my penis, and this has stayed with me for ever, even though I have heard the exact opposite from my wife. It is simply astonishing how one simple comment can affect us, even if it's not true. From that point on, to me bigger penis size meant greater masculinity. So this made me "less of a man" than for so long, and this feeling still haunts me. Even so, I do know the "measure" of a man is something different.

14) I'm not sure there was a moment of insight for me. When I was freshman at University, my buddies at the gym shower were different (bigger) - but I am uncircumcised and my long foreskin hides the difference in flaccid penis size. But they did all seem to have much bigger balls than me.

15) I started with prostitutes because of my insecurities. The guy above said he felt inadequate but I discovered that if I "rode high" using my small erection like a hook under the woman's pubic bone and I thrust forward, I could put pressure on her from underneath and stimulate her clit by pressing against her with my pubic bone. I found that banging her pubic area made me feel more powerful, and while this isn't as good as filling a woman's vagina in length and girth, it is a good second.

After this, with girlfriends, I found that a woman's pussy usually dilates with oral attention to the vulva and clitoris, and if I then have intercourse it feels like I have a prick the size of a tooth pick. Sure, I'd rather have a big penis, and I think the women probably would too (though I think they also keep their mind on whose having sex with them and whether they love the guy more than men do), but a woman who's as aroused as this often comes anyway....and if she doesn't, a bit of oral after I've shot my load seems like a big hit! I think it shows a commitment to a woman's needs and sets you higher than other guys.

16) Our games and physical education teacher in Grade 8 said we must all shower. Then he went on to say if we had never showered in a group we would see a lot of differences, some having started puberty, some not; some penises circumcised, some not; cocks of all sizes and shapes.

He ended this bizarre introduction to anatomy by undressing and walking into the showers saying that if he heard rude comments, or personal joking or laughing at anyone, they would have him to deal with. His own cock was small when flaccid, and I think he set the stage for penis size acceptance - you could feel the tension easing as he led by example.

Anyhow, at this age I was pre-pubescent and thought I would gradually catch up, but sadly, I began to realize my penis was not growing as big or as fast as large as my fellow classmates. But what the heck! I grew a mustache and sideburns long before they did! LOL!

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