Puberty and Penis Size

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The question arises in the forums - when did you first realize your penis was smaller than normal? The answers come in.....

17) I first realized that my penis was below average size in 8th grade. I was very embarrassed by my small penis, but gradually I realized that the size of my cock had no relationship to the pleasure it could give me, and so I stopped worrying about the issue.

It stopped getting bigger at four and a quarter inches fully erect. Yet the understanding that size has no relationship to pleasure has meant that I have never felt any awkwardness or shame, and indeed I have never felt shortchanged or wished it has been longer. I wouldn't wish to be bigger - my cock has worked for me and my partner. Enjoy what you have, men - you get just as much pleasure even when there is a bit less size.

18) I am not small. For an adult I am larger than average - about 7 inches. But......I was an early developer and I had a big dick when I was a boy. I got my first pubic hair in my crotch when I was 10 years old. When I was 11 I developed a huge erection during a swimming lesson.

Even though my penis was only five inches long at the time, people just stared at me! Then, when I was 12 or 13 the other boys in class teased me about my big dick, because by then it was 7 inches (same as now), and I always got a boner in the shower. Jeez, how the other boys commented on that. The shame lives with me to this day. One boy did not remember my name and shouted "Hey, you with the big dick."

19) I recall when I was 12/13 doing my paper round and finding a lot of black bin bags containing porn which some guy had dumped. I remember thinking all the guys were fake because they were so big! I was certainly confused about why they had such big nobs!

20) I was on the wrestling team when I started at University, and of course it was obvious that the other guys had bigger packages than me, but when we all got naked in the showers I got the definite proof of my status - they were all guys who were average in size and yet their penises were larger when soft than mine was when it was erect.

21) This has been an emotional roller coaster. Up and down - starting when I was in 6th grade, I stayed overnight at a mate's house, and as we changed for bed I saw a big bulge in his white undies (had to force myself to take my eyes off it! LOL). Later a friend of mine stayed over at my house and changed for a baseball game - God, his cock seemed massive - and he was really hairy!

By now I'm down about this, because I'm beginning to think my penis is pretty damn small. So then four or five years later I have a girl and we're making out. (Bear in mind I am 3.5 inches erect.) Unbelievably she says, "Oh my God! That's the biggest one I've ever seen!"

To this day I don't understand what she meant, but it sure made me feel good. I even boasted to one of her exes that my cock was bigger than his. Oh dear. Anyhow, I was certainly cocky about it! My next girl had no sexual experience whatsoever, so there was no help there. Next I met my wife, who informed me (not unkindly) that my penis was the smallest she'd ever seen. She'd seen (many) cocks ranging from ten inches long down to my 3.5 inches.

She said it was strange that I had the biggest balls of any of these characters. When I heard this, I went back to my first girlfriend (still a good friend) and asked her if she had been trying to boost my ego. She said no, but she now knew that I was small, because she had had a threesome with my cousin and another friend of mine and both these guys had penises which were between 8 and 9 inches long.

22) For me, there was no blinding moment of understanding, I guess I've simply had the feeling that my penis was on the smaller side all my life. I didn't have a girlfriend who told me I was small, I didn't see massive swinging dicks in the school showers (which were not compulsory), and I never even changed for gym in a school locker room - I went to school wearing my sweats. Happily my ex-girlfriend knew I was lacking in confidence about my penis and was always trying to make me feel better about it.

23) Believe it or not I have always known I was small because it was discussed in my family. They were incredibly insensitive about it, and the size of my penis even came up with a stranger present, it was just so embarrassing.

And even when I was twenty, enjoying (up to that point) dinner with my uncle and aunt and one of their friends, they started to discuss penis size in general and mine in particular. I stopped that discussion by observing that maybe he'd like to discuss his penis first.

And I also recall in my late teenage years, my mum commenting that my father was always worried I would never be able to pleasure a woman. Well, the bastard needn't have been concerned, as I have never tried. What the fuck did she say that for? Did she think it was going to be helpful?

This generated the following response:

Your parents seem insensitive and uncaring, and so does your general family. They should have tried to support and comfort you, not make you feel worse by talking about it in this way and feeding your insecurities. After all, something as intimate as penis size is the business of only you and those you let in on the matter.

Mentioning such a thing in front of complete strangers is at least disrespectful, at worst a breach of your boundaries and a betrayal of trust and privacy. Your parents should be able to hear about these things without you thinking they will tell the whole neighborhood!

24) I found out my penis wasn't the biggest chap in the world when I started playing American football in my teens. Needless to say I soon saw that I was less than average where it mattered in the locker room. But then I didn't manage to think most of the guys weren't that much bigger, I focused on the  fact that most of them were bigger, full stop, which bummed me out.

Then it became almost an obsession: all the time thinking, "Man why can't I have a cock like that guy. Or why can't I be normal, with a cock six inches long?" I even started turning down sexual invitations from girls lest they tell everyone I had a small penis....even now I fear not satisfying a woman, but at least I don't give a shit who she'd tell!

24) I kept away from girls because my cock was so small during puberty - took a lot of effort but I hid my size really well. Needless to say, of course, when I finally did get close to a woman, I came just as soon as I entered her.

 I don't think it was the premature ejaculation which caused the problems between me and her until she told me she regarded premature ejaculation as a sign of weakness in a man. I still believe it was the size of my dick which put her off me, but whatever, she certainly nailed me - I don't recall exactly what she said, but we didn't get together again!

25) I realized getting changed for physical education at school. All the boys' penises looked the same size before we started puberty. But around thirteen years old, all the others had a noticeable change in cock size - although I got pubic hair around the same age, my penis never grew. It looks the same now as when I was prepubescent.

26) I really understood how small I was just after I turned 17. I'd had a hernia operation and then had to take swimming with the tenth graders. I walked into the locker room showers shaved and tiny. All of the 10th grade guys had bigger penises and more pubic hair than I did.

27) I just remember I never had the chance (thankfully, I think) to physically compare myself with any other guy - instead, I read in one of my mother's magazines that the average penis was six inches. Oh! Then I knew I was different.

28) I have known about my small cock at some level for as long as I can remember. I was an extremely observant child and in any case I could hardly fail to notice my mother asking my father when my penis was going to get big like his! The only other penis I saw up to my tenth birthday was my father's, and it's quite big....I just assumed mine would get bigger as I got older. Bad mistake! I think I am about the same size flaccid as some baby boys. In other words, it has not grown at all.

29) When I was about 11 a friend showed me about masturbation. We took our pants and underpants off, and I saw that his penis was much larger than mine. Though looking back I think it was actually only normal size for a boy of our age. When he looked at mine he went: "Wow!" We jacked off together anyway, but I couldn't look away from his penis....he asked me if I liked looking at him (obviously I was fascinated by his size).

30) I had a similar experience: I was 12, the first time I masturbated. I was with my best friend who in fact was a few months younger but oddly had a much bigger flaccid penis.

My erection wasn't a lot smaller than his but my flaccid penis was (and remains) tiny. Of course, I really noticed this difference when I was about fifteen years of age, and found it incredibly embarrassing in the showers when 12- or 13-year-olds next to me had bigger dicks.

Even so, I masturbated with my friend often after that, and I certainly loved looking at his penis. He knew it too, and maybe not surprisingly I ended up jacking him off and sucking his cock. I have no doubt my submissive attitude to him was in part due to the size of my penis. I must have enjoyed all this, because I always went back for more.

31) My story is similar to many guys'. I began to realize my small penis in early high school when we shared the locker room, pool, residential camp and so on - all the places where you see other boys nude. But in Grade 8 for some reason my parents put me in water polo. Uh ho. Then I really felt embarrassed... because we had to wear Speedos. Need I say more? But, happily, I've come a long way since then. Now I'm small and proud of it!

32) For me it was 7th grade, which was the first time I had been naked in front of any other boys than my older brothers. I certainly had the smallest penis in the group. This lasted all the way through high school. It was particularly difficult in 9th grade before I went to high school from junior high. I was hairless and my penis was still smaller than everyone else's - including the 7th graders.