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Penis Size & Women - What Do They Really Want?

Over the years that the Internet has been in business, the question of penis size has attracted huge amounts of attention, not all of it very scientific, it has to be said!

And yet despite the attention this subject has garnered, I'm not sure there's still any clear answer to the question of whether or not women are turned on by a big penis.

One of the more bizarre studies conducted by researchers concluded that women want something different for one night stands as opposed to a long-term relationship. I mean really, if you think that serious scientific research could demonstrate a women's interests in cock size differed between one night stands and a long-term relationship then I think the world must be going slightly crackers!

(Having said that, I'm sure penis size does matter in some circumstances, like when a man has delayed ejaculation or male orgasmic disorder - I mean, just think of a monster cock thrusting in and out for hours. Ouch.)

It's hard to understand why there would be any difference whatsoever in a woman's preference about penis size no matter what she wanted to do with the penis in question! However, let's look at this research, and decide whether or not it actually tells us anything about what turns women on.

So here's how it went: women were given model penises that -- in keeping with the kind of fantasy element of this whole study -- had been made on a three-dimensional printer.

The penises ranged from 4 inches long and 2.5 inches in circumference to 8.5 inches long and just under 7.5 inches around. These women were asked to pick which of the 33 different model penises they would like to have sex with off on the basis of (1) a one night stand, and then they were asked (2) which they would prefer from a long-term life partner.

Excuse me if I groan at this point. Here are some photos of real penises to pass the time.

By the way - this sounds like an undergraduate or high school project. Oh. It was. Whoops. That explains a lot. However, just for the sake of complete reporting, it turns out that for one night stands these feisty women seemed to want penises that had a slightly larger girth than those they wanted to have a long-term relationship with. Of course, this may be about women reaching orgasm or being giving enough attention by men rather than anything else.

Oddly enough, however they didn't bother about choosing a different length of cock for one night stands as opposed to long-term partners.

Is there a possible explanation for this or is it just balls?

Well, every piece of scientific research, no matter how poor it may be, has potential justification -- this particular study was conducted by an undergraduate in biology at the University of California and believe it or not, she presented her findings at the meeting of the Association For Psychological Science (whatever that may be).

So what did she say? Well, she suggested that long penis length can lead to pain when the penis bashes against the cervix during intercourse. Well, that's certainly true, but she didn't mention whether or not this effect depends on how turned on a woman is -- which, in fact, it does.

However, what she also observed was that a penis with a large girth may help to move the clitoris further down towards the vagina during intercourse, so that it is close to the vagina, and this may be one factor in taking a woman to orgasm.

So that could imply, therefore, that women are expecting to get their orgasms in different ways with long-term partners than with one night stands -- a perfectly reasonable conclusion, in fact. What we can be sure of is that having a large penis is not going to make anyone fall for you!

Other studies have demonstrated conflicting and confusing results. In one study, 60% of more than 300 women said that penis size made no difference to them, but the interesting thing was that those who frequently experienced vaginal orgasms -- definitely a minority -- would actually prefer longer penises.

Another study published recently demonstrated that whether or not women prefer a larger penis depend on the size of body the aforesaid cock was attached to -- so the bigger men were expected to have bigger penises.

One of the problems that all of these studies have produced is that there is no clear definition of what small, medium and large might actually mean -- and it's clear that many women's interpretations of these terms could be quite different.

The study with which I started this article was different because women could actually handle models of the penises, and therefore would be better able to more accurately estimate what sensations they would get during intercourse.

Read it here.

Read this before we go on to discover what women really think about large penises: women - does dick size matter?

Next, here's a really interesting article on what men think about having a large penis.

Another piece of "casual" research conducted on the Internet interviewed 50 women and asked them whether dick size mattered or not.

The conclusions were pretty damn' obvious to be honest: what women generally wanted was something like an average size -- although this wasn't defined (in keeping with the complaint about the research above).

Women were actually scared of large penises because they feared the pain from thrusting into the cervix, and they didn't really like small ones because they felt they were "small enough to get lost in his pubic hair" (a representative quote).

Other women claim that they couldn't tell if the penis they were "making love to" (having sex might be more accurate here) was bigger or smaller than the last one they had sex with, or even what was "average".

In essence, they said they would notice if the penis thrusting into them was extremely large or extremely small, but otherwise, they seemed to be of an opinion or penises were much the same and the real difference was whether or not a man knew "how to fuck a woman". I see.

If there was a tendency to prefer a certain size, it was to prefer average, because small decks didn't give women much feeling. However, the general opinion was that size mattered little compared to the man's accomplishments as a lover.

There was another theme, too: which was that this was a male issue, and that men are far too hung up about penis size. Amen to that.