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Images of the penis - both soft and erect

More images of the soft and erect penis can be seen here.

The Erect Penis

Size, shape and angle in pictures

There is no such thing as an average penis: every variation of form and structure is represented in the male population. We know that the size and shape of the penis has a massive effect on men's opinion of themselves even though size matters far less to women. This is a sad but perhaps inevitable thing in a society where there is such emphasis placed on size.

These pictures illustrate some of the variations in erections - all of which are "normal".

And for men, as we all know, penis size is a major issue of male confidence, self-esteem and ego.

We have associated penis size with male power, when the truth is that male power is much more about qualities such as strength, morality, integrity, courage, loyalty, fidelity, wisdom and emotional stability.

Sad, because penis size matters far more to men than it does to women, but for as long as men think of penis size as a guide to male sexual ability, prowess, or simple masculinity, this association of penis size and maleness is not going to go away.

Erection with penile shaft bending or leaning to left or right

Statistics reveal how often erect penises lean or bend to one side:

Looking from the front

% of penises

Curve/bend/lean left

Straight 85.2
Curve/bend/lean right 1.2

All statistics taken from Penis Website

penis penis penis penis penis

penis penis penis penis

More images of the soft and erect penis can be seen here.

When Erections Go Well...

Erection penis picture with straight penile shaft

penis penis penis retractile testiclesshape13.jpg (13691 bytes) angle of erection

More images of the soft and erect penis can be seen here.

Erection with penis shaft bending up or down

Statistics show the following frequency of an erection curving up or down:

Looking from the side

% of penises

Curve upwards




Curve downwards


testicles penis penis penis penis erection angle bent penis bent penis

It's questionable at what point a bend becomes so great that it is no longer part of "normal" variation. Certainly the last 2 penises pictured seems to have a more acute bend that may be Peyronie's disease.

Erection leans or bends both up or down and to one side

Some penises do more than one of these things! About 2.5% bend left and curve up. About 7.4% bend left and look straight from the side. And about 3.7% bend left and curve down. And just a few bend to the right and curve up or down.

penis erection erection

Angle of erect penile shaft varies from downwards to upright when man is standing or sitting

As a generality, the smaller the penis and the younger the man, the harder and more upright will be his erection.

This may limit the number of sexual positions a man is able to enjoy; for example, the rear entry sexual position may not be practical if a man's erection stands hard up against his belly.

The more upright the erection, the less flexible the base of the penis at the point where it enters the body cavity. Such flexibility can allow greater ease of movements during intercourse.

Imagine a man standing upright with an erection. If his erection were vertically upright, that would be 0 degrees from the vertical. If it were pointing straight out in front of him, that would be 90 degrees from the vertical, and if it were hanging down and pointing at the floor, that would be 180 degrees from the vertical. The statistics for the whole population are:

Angle down from vertical

% of penises

Cumulative %

0 - 30 degrees



30 - 60 degrees



60 - 85 degrees



85 - 95 degrees (around horizontal)



95 - 120 degrees



120 - 180 degrees



penis penis erect penis erection penis

Shaft of penis twists along its length on erection

A twist along the length of the shaft is less common than a simple bend or lean to one side on erection, but it is still common enough not to be considered abnormal. A twist in the shaft may also be associated with hypospadias.

125.jpg (11278 bytes) hypospadias peyronies

Bends in shaft

Such bends are often the result of injury, frequently sustained during intercourse without the man being aware of it. Even very brief pain may indicate underlying damage that only manifest weeks or months later in penile bending or twisting as shown below. Such injuries may induce Peyronie's disease.

bent penis testicles

Twisting of head in relation to penis shaft

1 Erect

The twist of the shaft on erection is a common anomaly. Estimates suggest between 3 and 5% of men have some degree of twisting.

penis rotation of penis head on shaft rotate glans of penis

2 Flaccid

The twist illustrated below is associated with hypospadias, though such an anomaly may occur without hypospadias being present. In this penis, the raphe runs at an angle down the length of the penile shaft, representing the true midline of the shaft. The urethral meatus is apparently displaced to one side.

twist in shaft of penis twist in shaft of penis

Other Penile Variations

Narrowing of the penile shaft as a result of injury

Such injuries usually occur when the penis is engaged in vigorous sex and rams head-on into some hard obstacle. The resulting bleeding in the erectile chambers of the penis causes scar formation; because this scar tissue cannot expand in the same way as the rest of the penile chamber, a constriction develops on erection.

narrow.jpg (32703 bytes)narrowing on the penile shaft like an hour glass shape

An unusually prominent glans

Some men have a glans which is by far the widest part of their penis. You can see this in the picture below. There is no anatomical or medical significance to this, but such a prominent head can produce very satisfying feelings for a woman during intercourse, perhaps even help her to reach orgasm.

Narrowing of the penile shaft around the base of the glans

This may be natural, or it may be the result of injury. It often occurs in cases of hypospadias.

narrowing of the penile shaft under the glans

If you're keen to get out of the mentality that the size of your cock is a determining factor in how masculine you are, try reading about your archetypes of king and warrior and then working on the strength of your Sovereign.

Helping Couples With Erectile Dysfunction

As you can see from the pictures below, penises come in a massive variety of shapes and sizes. They all have one thing in common, of course - either they work or they don't when it comes to sex. And if it's your penis that's not working, you'll be like every other man with an erection problem - you want a solution. When you can get hard and enjoy sex, everything seems, well, just better. Your relationship. Your state-of-mind. Your productivity at work. Even your golf game!

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Even a loving caress, a spicy TV commercial, or an intimate Netflix scene will cause stress. Stress brought on from performance anxiety. Brought on from embarrassment. Brought on from anger that this condition seems way out of your control.

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