Hypospadias & Epispadias

Why Your Penis Looks Different

Hypospadias is a developmental anomaly of the penis which can involve several variations on the norm.

In essence the condition results from the urethral meatus not opening on the tip of the penis, but lower down the underside of the penis glans or shaft. The opening may be a slit or a hole.

Associated variations of structure include:

  • The glans is tilted downwards (chordee) - not to be confused with frenulum breve

  • A twists in the shaft

  • A flatted mushroom-like glans

  • A smaller than average size

  • A larger than average size

  • A hooded foreskin covering only the upper surface of the glans

More information on hypospadias, with details of support groups, can be found here.

There are many more hypospadias photos here: Hypospadias Pictures

Urethral opening on glans

hypospadias hypospadias

Twist in shaft with chordee

hypospadias hypospadias

Variation on the normal urethral meatus

hypospadias abnormal urethral meatus and hypospadias

Classic coronal hypospadias showing chordee, hooded foreskin and a slit-like urethral opening

coronal hypospadias coronal hypospadias coronal hypospadias

hypospadias hypospadias

hypospadic penis

Mid-shaft hypospadias surgically corrected

mid shaft hypospadias mid shaft hypospadias

Mild hypospadias with curvature of shaft

hypospadias hypospadias

Elongated urethral meatus

long urethral opening

Flattened glans

slit like urethral opening large piss hole on the penis


This is a congenital condition where a baby is born with the opening of the penis located anywhere on the top (dorsal) surface of the penis between the glans and the base, or even behind the penis on the perineum (that's between the anus and testicles).

With epispadias, the penis is usually not completely formed, and the shaft is curved upwards.

If the urinary opening is close to the body, reconstructive surgery is advised soon after birth because the bladder may be involved - see bladder exstrophy - and the child may have complete urinary incontinence.

It is quite rare - about 1 in 30,000 or so male births. A pediatric urologist should be consulted in any case of epispadias. Read more about his here.

epispadias erect penis with epispadias

penis with epispadias epispadias

epispadias and hypospadias

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