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Women who love small penises

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A new woman, aged 19, from the UK, visiting the forums for the first time, posts:

Hi - I've been lurking for the past few months and have finally decided to post. I really like small cocks, my ideal is 3 inches long. My last boyfriend had a small penis and I am really into this size. I wouldn't date some of you guys as you're not small enough for me. Since my boyfriend moved away for university and we split up I have been looking for a small cocked stud but just can't seem to find one. I think this has to be because guys are simply too shy about having a small penis. So I thought I would say hello and explain my size preference.

I think I like small penises for several reasons. My first boyfriend had a bigger penis than average and I didn't like sex with him that much. It was as though it was all about him and his penis and I didn't enjoy giving him oral sex. Plus he was arrogant - all of which meant that when we split up I didn't feel the need to find a guy with a big penis.

But then when I got a little drunk I was messing around with two guys - they both got naked and one had this tiny cute cock. I loved this! He was so shy about it and I thought he was waiting for my reaction before he made any kind of move on me. So there I was, messing around with him and his friend and guess what? I definitely preferred playing with his little cock.

Anyway after that we began dating and I found that he was a very good lover, always putting my pleasure and satisfaction first. At first he was worried that I was just exploring small cocks, seeing what they're like, or worried that I would leave him or make fun of him. But once he knew I wasn't he became very much more confident which was a lot more sexy, him being proud of his little penis.

I think it's the way the small cock looks and the oral sex thing (see notes below) that does it for me, and yes, of course also stereotyping how guys with big and small cocks behave and are like as well. I also find this whole penis preference thing odd because I love it when men have masculine characteristics, and a large penis is seen as being more manly. But my ideal man would have a 3 inch todger and a really hairy chest. Nothing makes me feel more feminine then when I go to sleep playing with my guy's chest hair.

Another woman offers: I love small cocks orally.

A man replies: So does my wife. She told me, at the start of our relationship that I'd made a cocksucker of her - and those were the nicest words that I ever heard.

Another woman replies: Exactly! There's no problem swallowing a small cock. It's definitely easier to get most of it into my mouth. I have a really strong gag reflex, so a smaller penis is more comfortable. And what's more I love the look on my man's face when I take most of him into my mouth. His eyes glaze over, it is so incredibly hot! I wish he was even smaller so that I could totally do his cock justice. I love to worship at the shrine of his penis, of him.

A woman replies: Last night, Steve and I had sex in many different sexual positions - and it was good, I must admit, but a bit painful. I asked him if he had been pumping (his penis) and he said no, so he must have been engorged more than usual. Damn it hurt, though. I wasn't very impressed! Smaller is so much better.

A man asks the original female poster: Is the reason you like smaller dicks more that the people they're attached to are nicer? So would you prefer a good guy with a big cock over a good guy with a small dick?

She answers: I would always choose the smaller guy over the bigger one. In fact, physically I prefer smaller penises to larger ones. Of course I do like other parts of sex, foreplay and oral where cock size doesn't matter, but for oral sex and intercourse they have to be packing a tiny dick! As much as I like the sensations of a small cock during oral sex or intercourse, over large cocks, it is as nothing compared to how much more appealing and attractive I find tiny todgers. I can't think of anything at all that is more sexy than a hair-chested, tall, muscular guy with a cute little cock.

A man replies: Welcome to the website. Your commentary on your preference for men endowed with a small penis has touched many of us small-dicked men of all ages. I am fortunate in that I see two girls here in the States who love having oral sex and full intercourse with me, a man of "small stature." And it's particularly heartening to hear a woman of nineteen express similar sentiments to those voiced by older and wiser women. My girlfriends have told me I own a "sporty small cock!" After I discovered how to stop premature ejaculation - see for more information - click here - sex has not been a problem - in fact, most women think I am a great lover! I put this down to the fact that I take extra trouble to make sure the woman I am with is satisfied during sex.

And another guy answers: I have met women who love tiny cocks. First of all there's the rather important person of my wife, who has developed a talent for making my cock less tiny. There's another woman I chat with occasionally. There are so many guys who are just brainwashed by the cultural importance of the large cock and who just won't believe there are really women who not only like small penises but who actually find they are turned on by them and who find them more satisfying for sex. And men who are more confident sexually, tend to be better at relationships, which of course helps the relationship on every level - sexual, emotional, and spiritual.