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Question: I have a small penis, and the question of vagina size has been an endless source of anxiety for me. In particular, I find that I always lose my erection when I am with a woman who has a very large vagina. Is this a common experience among the other members of this forum?

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The problem here is really one about whether or not you can stretch her vagina widthways to give her sensation - most women find penile girth a much bigger issue than penile length because they like to feel "full". So I don't think length matters much - it's much more about how wide your cock is. Unfortunately, most short guys are thin as well, I think.

I find that my wife's vagina has an extraordinary capacity to shrink and swell with sexual arousal - especially if she is having G-spot or vaginal orgasms, she will clench around my cock in a delightful way. At other times, however, when she is coming through clitoral stimulation, her vagina swells and balloons outwards and there can be a definite loss of friction. On the other hand, while sex is satisfactory most of the time it is certainly true that she got bigger after childbirth, and that wonderful "virginal" tightness that can give a man real pleasure has gone.

I would say that it all comes down to muscle tone. Even a large vagina can accommodate a small penis and give lots of wonderful friction if the woman has learned to clench her muscles so that they are in good shape. She can grip a penis no matter how many children she has given birth to - if that's what she and her partner want. All she has to do are some Kegel exercises.

My current girl is quite big in her vagina and my penis is small - around four inches long and a shade under four and a half around when fully erect. She feels looser than we would both like, because she likes the friction of my erect penis in her as much as I like to feel some tightness round my penis. More on penis size and female pleasure here.

The answer for us has been to experiment with different sex positions. In particular, we have found that when she keeps her legs together in the missionary position that although the depth of penetration is reduced, the sensations for me are much better.

Another good position to try is to have her lie on top of you and for you both to keep your legs together. In this position we find that my penis gets ample friction. Some men recommend rear entry with her legs together, but I find that my short penile length does not allow me to make good thrusts without falling out.

All in all, having a less than average penis can be a problem but if you learn to adapt and find ways to enjoy sex without letting it bother you, you can have pretty much as good a sex life as anyone else.

My penis is average length - about six inches - but thin as heck, and I hate it! The odd thing is my girlfriend is fine with it, and loves to touch it, worship it even, and especially to take it in her mouth and suck it. She tells me that if it was any bigger she wouldn't be able to get in in her mouth. I still haven't figured out whether she's just being kind or she really means it, but, though I feel some embarrassment at her seeing me flaccid, I'm not complaining about the fellatio! However, vaginal sex does leave a lot to be desired, since she gets so wet and I am so small. We haven't yet solved the problem, but I intend to try one of those penile sheaths that gives you extra penis length and girth. She certainly seems to need more than I can give her.

I think rear entry sex positions are pretty damn good, even if you have a small penis. She can keep her legs together, and provided you don't try and thrust too far, you shouldn't fall out. If you really can't get it to work, then try having her squat over you, penis erect and then insert your cock into her vagina and ride you up and down. This will work for even the smallest guy!

I don't want to fuck my partner from behind - it's too impersonal. We start in the missionary position and then roll over. This is very exciting, since if she has her legs high enough up, even my small penis can penetrate her fully. The friction depends on how much she clenches, so I find I can keep going for a long time, and she likes it because it feels emotionally close and intimate.

I think men who cast themselves as bad performers at sex because they have a small penis are just behaving like victims instead of finding ways to make sex work. And as many of the guys in this forum have shown - it certainly can work, if you try different positions and use some imagination.

One girlfriend dumped me supposedly because of the size of my penis, though funnily enough I haven't had any complaints from anyone else! I suppose this means that a few women really do want a large penis. I guess we just have to accept that this is their problem and just like the man who would only want to be with a woman with large breasts, they can't see the whole person behind the penis, large or small.

Even if you have a partner who would like you to have a bigger penis so you can both feel a bit more during sex, surely it's much more important to have a good relationship based on trust, love, respect and mutual understanding? I mean, really, how important is the size of your cock in the long run?

I'm not sure I agree with the man above, because as a young man I think it's natural to want to fuck around a lot, and you can end up feeling very inadequate if you know that most men are bigger than you are in the penis department. I wouldn't even want to be with a woman who wrote it off to experience if she was disappointed - while I know not every sexual encounter can be a mind-blowing experience, I certainly think you have more chance of making a casual affair into a successful liaison if you are not worrying about the size of your equipment. Having said that, I think I have had more sex than average (I'm 25 and have had 16 partners) and I haven't ever been humiliated by the woman about my size, though as you may have guessed from what I wrote above, I still tend to think a woman will see me as too small.

What surprises me is that no-one talks about love being more important than penis size. At 25, you may want to fuck around, as you put it, and maybe this is a natural process, but doesn't it leave you feeling empty and lacking something? That might even be true for a guy with a normal sized penis, you know! It sounds to me like you are trying to prove how masculine you are, and each time you get a new partner you simply reinforce the fact that you don't feel very masculine.

Maybe you'd be better off finding a long term partner who truly appreciate you? In any event, your horny 25-year-old-ness will not last for ever, and once it has gone, you will want a longer term connection. I have to admit though, that this may be when penis size becomes more important. If a couple rely on sexual pleasure to hold a relationship together, then they certainly need to find ways that they can be happy, especially if he has a small penis and she has a large vagina otherwise I can see them splitting up.