Your Penis Size and Your Lover's Vagina

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How does your penis fit into your lover's vagina?

Question: I have had my share of women and I've noticed extraordinary variations in vagina size ranging from vise-like tight ones to huge manhole-sized caverns. As with men, the size of the woman is no indication. I have been with a short woman who had the biggest vagina I have ever encountered and tall voluptuous women who were tight as hell.

Having a small size penis, I've found that vagina size is a make-or-break proposition for me. When I've encountered really large ones, I've almost invariably lost my erection. If I can't feel anything, I assume she can't either and I start to feel performance anxiety and lose my erection.

Two women in particular, who I had 6 month and 1 year relationships with, had really, really loose vaginas which were an endless source of anxiety for me.

Has anybody else had similar experiences?
Has anybody else encountered a really huge vagina?


I've been with only two women in my life. My first girlfriend had a large vagina. Whatever the sexual position I really couldn't feel much. She would be very wet and have 3-4 orgasms like clockwork, probably due to the fact that we could have sex for 20-40 minutes before I had my orgasm. No danger of needing to know ways to stop PE and last longer in bed with a pussy as wet as this - the lube reduced the friction so much I could barely feel anything!

The best position was woman on top with her rocking her body back on forth. I usually had an orgasm after a few minutes of that. The first thing I noticed with my second and current girl is how much "tighter" her vagina is. Reaching an orgasm with her is pretty simple and straightforward. Which one is better? Don't really know. I like being able to make love for 40 minutes and having my partner have 3-4 orgasms. I also like the "tighter" feeling. As with everything in life, large and small vaginas have their pluses and minuses.

I agree with your overall hypothesis that Asian women's vaginas are generally smaller than white women who are generally smaller than black women. This has been very true in my experience. Being hung short and very thick has been an issue when it comes to vaginal size. I've been with a few women, mostly Asians, but also one white woman, who were too tight for me to enter them. It was like trying to push my penis into a keyhole.

Ouch! Frustrating for both of us too. But most women have loved the thickness. And the sensations of stretching them open a bit at a time is exquisite for us both! Once inside the penis length issue can be difficult especially if the woman likes it very deep. I've found that having her on top helps as she can bring her knees up high and get every single 1/4" of my penis inside her; or she can lie on her back with a small pillow under her hips and bring her knees up if I'm on top. That helps too.

One thing that's definitely true for all the women I've been with: when very aroused they absolutely love having their cervix stimulated. But when a woman is at her level of highest arousal the "average" vaginal size from outer lips to cervix is 5" (the range is 4" to 6"), so most women are too deep for me to reach with my 4.5" long penis. I have dated a few ladies who were short enough for me to reach their cervixes with my penis and when they were super hot they were so turned on by this sensation they both cried.

Talk about coming hard! Wow! Now don't get me wrong - I like the size of my cock. But longer guys definitely have an advantage over us shorter guys when it comes to this aspect of sex. My wife has a deep vagina and she's been honest about one former boyfriend she dated who had a very long and very thick penis.

She says she really enjoyed having sex with him. So why did she not continue dating him? Because in a lot of ways, she tells me, he was a real jerk. Lucky for me! Most of the time we do very well with my short, thick cock but if she's very hungry we use her long and thick "love toy" and she purrs like a kitten! I don't mind one bit. In fact, I think it's very erotic to watch her take all of it. Wow - women sure can get a lot of cock inside of them if they are hungry enough for it. It's quite amazing actually! 

Woman's comments: "Cervical sex" is only really phenomenal for me if I am 100% ready to go and so horny that I am ready to just be completely devoured by the man I'm with. If I am not quite to that point, having someone knocking on my cervix hurts like getting a tattoo, not really all that painful but certainly annoying.

For us guys with a short penis, reaching a lover's cervix takes a lot of effort on both partner's parts. But, as you said, when really, really ready it does feel great to most women I've known. On the other hand I knew a wonderful woman who divorced her husband on the basis that his penis was way too large for her - too wide and way too long. Not at all pleasurable, she assured me. She told me she preferred a guy whose penis was small to average in size.

This website has a mass of information on the female vagina and the female orgasm - if you're at all interested in how women reach orgasm, it's a must-see.

I've had vaginas big, little, wet, and dry and I must say I liked them all. I did not enjoy the dry as much as the others but it was still good in my book. I can certainly tell that when a woman gets very wet, she cannot feel me in her very well. I can't feel it as well at that point either but that just means I can last a little longer. I must admit that I have enjoyed the small ones the best though. I may not last as long but that is because it feels so good.

My first and only sexual experience was basically the same thing. My penis is 9" long when hard and 6" in girth. I got about half way in and hit her cervix which was extremely painful for her. Since I was and still am new to this I had no idea what happened. Needless to say that ended the night but from that point on I was much more careful. I guess what I'm getting at is that penis size is a problem on the other end of the spectrum too.

Tell me if I am wrong, but by studying diagrams of the vagina and cervix, when the woman is on her back, the cervix is on the top of the vagina leading to the womb which is also above the vagina. A long penis goes under the cervix and past it, stretching the vagina length wise as well as the usual circumferential stretch. So this really is not "cervical sex" but penetration that proceeds below and past the cervix. Contact with the cervix only hurts when it is hit head on. If you get past it without poking it the pain subsides or never occurs. My 5" penis is not long enough to get past the cervix though I hit it wrong once in a while and hurt her. After I get my wife really hot and juicy with my tongue and 5" penis she loves me to use a huge dildo on her.

She has vaginal orgasms on the dildo far beyond the intensity I can produce with my little penis. This caused distress and difficulty for both of us for a while, but we can now accept it. Often, I cum spontaneously during her earth shakers. Kind of humiliating, but really good too. If I try to fuck my wife when she is really really hot, it is clear she needs something bigger. My 5" penis feels like a little stick stirring a pot of energy radiating velvet honey. I can pound as hard as I want, but I am quickly overwhelmed and come without getting to those earth shakers she is looking for.  She orgasms, but would prefer the dildo or a man with a big penis if one was waiting in the wings.

Woman's response: Some women don't like their cervix bumped at all, whether head on or sliding underneath. I can hit my cul-de-sac with a 5" dildo easily. You may want to try different positions. Although it does sound like your wife has a very large vagina. I have one word for you: fisting.

I had one experience with a woman who had a very loose vagina. I couldn't stay hard, and blamed myself. She was much more realistic about it, saying that we just didn't have any sexual chemistry. She also said that she had problems before with smaller than average men, but that it was just the way it was and no big deal. With my wife, I have noticed that sometimes in the early seconds of intercourse, she is less tight, but that she gets tighter as we go on.

Just to let you know that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Here is some experience from the long-penis side. I would say that 1 in 4 women I sleep with for the first time find my penis to be painfully too long. In other words, when I penetrate deeply, it feels to her that I am crashing into her cervix. It's not the tightness of the fit, but the barrier at the end. Of course, the solution is to hold back and only penetrate partially.

But it's ultimately a frustrating experience for both of us. In talking about the issue with women, what they almost all tell me is that an average size penis makes a perfect fit, and the quality of the experience depends on the style and the chemistry. Long penises, on the other hand, are exciting to behold in the mind, probably because of their rarity. But for that quarter of the female population with short vaginal canals, a long penis is excruciatingly painful. So, every guy's body type has its advantages and disadvantages. I may get a big "wow" when a woman first sees my penis, but I then have a higher likelihood of getting struck out. Smaller guys have a higher chance of hitting a home run. 

Woman's response: I've said this before and I'll say it again--unlike a penis, a woman's vagina is a muscle. She can develop it to be as tight as she wants. Depth issues have less variability, although if you get a woman extremely aroused, her cervix will move out of the way of her cul-de-sac. But the main area for vaginal stimulation is just two inches in, on the G-spot.

I'm not 'Mr. Experience' but I have been with very large women and also very very small women (I'm talking stature and vagina size). I myself have a rather wide and long penis but I can tell you the only problem I've ever had was with a woman who was very tight and small. This is just my own personal thing but I can not tolerate being 'squeezed' or 'gripped' by a woman. I'm not saying I will lose my erection and flee for the hills, but I just don't like the feeling at all.

I love the feeling of loose and wet and pussy. I don't have an obsessive dislike for large vaginas but I really do not enjoy small or clenching vaginas. That's just my preference but I thought I would share it since not many here seem to have spoken for that side. For the record, the large women I dated did not have correspondingly huge vaginas. But the woman with the tiny vagina was tiny in stature and build too. So height does not seem to correspond with vaginal length in my experience.

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