The Testicles (Testes) and Scrotum

The retractile testicles

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Pictorial Guide To The Penis

Pictorial Guide To The Penis
The foreskin & circumcision
Penile shaft & glans variations
Erect penis size, shape & angle
Hypospadias and Epispadias
Flaccid penis size, shape & angle
Small and retractile penises
Testicles - Pictures

Although the scrotum retracts against the body wall when it's cold, this also happens in conditions of fear and just before ejaculation. Some men find that their testicles appear to spend most of their lives hugged close up to their body. If they never descend, medical attention should be sought.

retractile ballsretractile testiclesretractile testicles

Unequally sized testicles

This is normal. Nearly all men have testicles unequal in size. Sometimes this is very obvious from the way they lie in the scrotum, as in this picture.

unequal testicle size