Penis size and the retractile penis

Size is such a big thing for men, though few women really bother about it. (This website has a good review of penis size, and what women really think about it.

For the record, therefore:

The average size of a non-erect white adult male penis is 3.4 inches long by 3.9 in girth

The average size of a white male's erection is 5.9 inches long by 5.0 inches around

Over 60 percent of men are between 5 and 6.5 inches long when erect

Almost one man in 15 has an erection less than 5 inches long, and almost one man in ten has an erection about 4 and three quarters inches in length. 

The penis can vary from one inch when erect to 12 inches erect, though such huge variations of size are unusual. The smallest flaccid penis is usually the retractile penis, one which has a tendency to retract into the sheath of the foreskin or even the body cavity. Between 1 and 3 % of men have a penis like this. The photos below show some of the penises which fit this category becoming erect: the obvious point being that though they may be very small when flaccid, they can be average size when erect, though this is not always the case.

Source: The Penis Website


The retractile penis

retractile penis retractile penis

contrib316.jpg (58723 bytes) retractile penis retractile penis withdrawing into foreskin and abdomen

small147a.jpg (50141 bytes) penis withdraws into body penis shaft small and retracted

Smaller than average penis size

smaller than average penis the smaller than average penis less than average penis size

small penis small penis pictures

In cases like the one below, it's reasonable to assume some developmental abnormality has affected the growth of the penis.

 penile abnormality

The abnormally large penis

abnormally large penis size abnormally large penis sizecontrib317.jpg (27461 bytes)

larger than average penis size large penis pictures large penis size

There are many more images of large penises at Images of Size. The first picture shown above shows a guy with a twelve inch erection. He calls himself Gunner.

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